Our CEO and owner, Deborah McDowell had made the home care insight 2021 power list!

The Home Care Insight Power List 2021 recognises the figureheads piloting some of the most prominent home care providers in the country. Care at Home Services is proud to announce that our CEO and Owner, Deborah McDowell has the Power!

In 1993, Deborah McDowell took over from her father to run Care at Home Services (South East), which had one branch servicing the East Sussex coastal area of Bexhill.

Deborah has worked tirelessly to expand the business whilst her husband was serving with the British Army, firstly opening a branch in Tunbridge Wells, then expanding along the East Sussex coast and into the High Weald.

In 2011, High Meadow Home Care was acquired, covering the East Kent area. Further acquisitions of varying sizes saw the company expand into the rest of East Kent with local authority-preferred provider contracts whilst remaining a family-owned company.

Last year saw the biggest acquisition to date, with Westminster Homecare joining the fold, taking Care at Home’s geographical coverage to over 50% of England. Funding has been sourced by Care at Home and no external shareholders have a financial interest in the company. Care at Home says this is unprecedented, as all other companies of a similar size have significant private equity holdings.

Over the past 28 years, Deborah’s qualification as a Chartered Accountant, coupled with her innate business sense, has seen the business grow to become one of the top 10 largest providers of care in the UK. During this time, its systems and processes have continuously improved and the company has embraced new technology with significant investment.